"Tomato Breeding" one of four educational murals installed at University of Florida's Gulf Coast Research and Education Center in Wimauma, Florida.  Acrylic on stretched canvas, 8 ft. x 4 ft.

​​The zebra longwing butterfly life cycle, illustrated for the University of South Florida Botanical Garden.  Acrylic wash on Arches hot press.

A selection of 'Radiance', a University of Florida strawberry variety, commissioned by the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Assoc.  Acrylic wash on Arches hot press.

​​​​​​A selection of a painting of cabbage varieties.  Private commission.  Acrylic wash on Arches hot press. 

Pen and ink drawing of hazelnut for the cover of the Journal of the

American Pomological Society.  (Pomology is the study of fruits and nuts.)

Federal Noxious Weed Disseminule.  Invasive weed seed species drawn as one of over 400 drawings for the USDA-APHIS. Graphite pencil on drafting film.

B o t a n i c a l   I l l u s t r a t i o n