​Pen and Ink

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After a short review of the fundamentals of drawing plants in graphite pencil, gain confidence in handling pen and ink. Learn how to produce different strokes and how to create tone by using stipple and line.  This course will build your confidence in drawing and help you to achieve clean line work to prepare you for traditional botanical watercolor in the next class.

​*Students need previous drawing experience.

Workshop Schedule for Fall 2017

Botanical Illustration in Graphite Pencil

​​Use acrylics with water to build up layers of color washes to achieve accurate botanical paintings.  Layering allows control of the amount of color but unlike watercolor the acrylic paint cannot be lifted after it is dry.  A traditional watercolor palette will help to achieve color accuracy.  Students will complete a portrait of a plan of your choice. 

​*Students must have previous drawing experience.


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Learn the basics of drawing and apply those lessons to plants.  We will cover setting up the object, and getting it on to the paper.  Students will then learn about   perspective and foreshortening, drawing flowers and fruits, leaves and petals as they come forward and recede.  Graphite pencil techniques and shading will be covered. Students will complete a properly shaded plant portrait in graphite pencil in this 18 hour workshop over 6 days.

Acrylic Watercolor

B o t a n i c a l   I l l u s t r a t i o n

Private classes will be available.

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